About Us

From 1965 until today...


R.K. Allen Oil Company, Inc. began as a Texaco branded jobber in 1965 in Talladega, AL with Ken Allen, Sr. as both owner and sole employee.


In the 1960’s and ‘70’s, service stations, farm deliveries and package lubricants were the primary focus of the company.


In the 1980’s, A.O.C. Foodmart, Inc. was formed. With over 20 locations in Alabama & Florida, the company continues to grow. Additionally, the wholesale division expanded to include bulk oil and our first salesperson!


In the 1990’s, Xpress Lubes and Burger King were added. Following, in 2000, the wholesale division added filtration and dehydration of lubricants.


Today, the combined fuel volume of our sites exceeds 23,000,000 gallons annually.

R.K. Allen is a family owned and operated business. We will continue to strive to be diversified and carry a complete line of petroleum supplies for our customers for generations to come.